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“A Huge Difference”

PT Parent Letter 2014

The LEH’s PRIME TIME Family Reading Time continues to change the lives of children and parents throughout Louisiana and across the nation. The nationally recognized family literacy program brings families together to engage in a lifelong love of reading. Last week, site coordinators at the Louisiana Children’s Museum in New Orleans received this moving report from Laura Teoulet, a PRIME TIME parent. Ms. Teoluet writes:

First, a little background, I am a continuing student at UNO and I come from a long line of early childhood educators. To say I was at my wit’s end trying to get my 2nd grader to read (even for pleasure) would be a gross understatement. Daniel had a F in reading on his first report card. 

The PRIME TIME Program has made a huge difference both in Daniel’s attitude towards reading and his level of reading. Daniel not only reads to me and his younger brother now, he chooses to read chapter books and has raised his reading grade to a C. The program is fully responsible for this change and I believe it is because it offers a chance for students to explore and experience a diverse selection of stories and an opportunity to discuss their thoughts and ideas without the fear of being thought slow or being embarrassed or intimidated. This program has fostered a love of reading in Daniel and I am eternally grateful.

Sincerely, Ms. Teoulet

For more on PRIME TIME, visit the program’s page on www.leh.org.