Beaird Family Foundation Funds PRIME TIME PreSchool in Caddo Parish

PT Kids CaddoThe Shreveport-based Carolyn W. and Charles T. Beaird Family Foundation recently made a $25,875 donation to deliver five PRIME TIME Preschool programs in Caddo Parish in 2014.  The gift will enable the LEH to deliver PRIME TIME Preschool programming in Greater Shreveport for the first time and impact an estimated 150 preschool-age children and their parents.  Additionally, the Preschool programming will be aligned with and reinforce other PRIME TIME programming now underway in Caddo Parish, including PRIME TIME Family Reading Time, PRIME TIME HomeRoom, and PRIME TIME Teacher Institutes for Advanced Study.  This comprehensive, cross-sector approach, known as PRIME TIME Full Circle, is aimed at creating a culture of literacy and excellence across the Greater Shreveport community. 

PRIME TIME Preschool is a six-week, after-pre-school program of reading, discussion and intergenerational learning implemented at schools, child care centers, libraries, and other venues.  The program emphasizes the importance of families reading together and facilitates the acquisition of both early literacy and critical thinking skills in children.  Through the engagement of parents and their children via the Preschool program, the program aims to create communities in which children and their families are developed into self-directed and self-motivated learners, eager to absorb the world around them through literature, questioning/inquiry, and meaningful interaction with others.

The goals of PRIME TIME Preschool are to:

  • Deliver quality humanities-based programming for families with preschool-aged children (3-5 years-old);
  • Increase school readiness; and
  • Enhances parent/caretaker skills for facilitating school-readiness.

“The LEH is very grateful to the Carolyn W. and Charles T. Beaird Family Foundation for this donation, which is more than twice as large as their previous LEH gifts” stated Dr. Jeff A. Hale, LEH Senior Director of Institutional Advancement.  “This early childhood project will reinforce other locally-delivered PRIME TIME programming aimed at elementary school-age children and their parents, as well as teachers and school administrators, thereby deepening the impact of PRIME TIME Full Circle in Caddo Parish.  We are delighted that Greater Shreveport will become the first Louisiana community to reap the full benefits of PRIME TIME Full Circle.”

“The Carolyn W. and Charles T. Beaird Family Foundation includes education and afterschool programs as a primary focus, as we know how critical these are to a child’s overall development and wellbeing.  There is no limit to how much a terrific afterschool program can change a child’s life for the better and follow them well into their future,” stated Brandy Stroud, the foundation’s Executive Director.  “Several years before Carolyn Beaird passed away she was discussing her early involvement with philanthropy…[she] had been visiting a preschool program to help with basic necessities the children needed.  Carolyn found that she ‘just couldn’t stay away from the children once (she) had been around them.’  The Beaird family has a great respect for these programs and admiration for agencies who take seriously their educational outcomes.”

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